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Are you interested in flying model aircraft?


Heanor and District Model Aircraft Club is a BMFA (British Model Flying Association) affiliated model aircraft club.

The Club has a long and proud history in the local area having been originally formed in 1948 by a small group of people from a wide range of backgrounds who shared a passion for building and flying model aircraft.

The Club has flown at its current flying field at Denby since 1952 and during that time members have flown just about every kind of model imaginable from free flight gliders and rubber band powered models to the latest radio controlled ducted fan electric jets. Currently members fly a wide range of radio controlled fixed wing aircraft, either built completely from scratch or pre built kits.


We still have the same passion for the hobby that the original members had but todays models and computerised radio equipment is probably well beyond what they would have imagined to be possible. The future will surely hold even more exciting developments in the hobby.


If you are a beginner interested in learning more or you are already a keen flyer we are happy to help and advise you. If you share our interest in model aircraft and want to get involved or just come along and watch us fly please contact our club secretary using the Contact Us page. Or come along to one of our monthly club meetings. Club meetings are held at the Old Oak, Horsley Woodhouse DE7 6AW, usually in the back rooms at 7:30pm on the last Thursday of the Month. Prospective new members are always welcome to drop in. 


If you would like to find out more please use the Contact Us page and send us a message. 

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