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HDMAC has all of the facilities in place and is ready to help you learn how to fly a model aircraft.  Not only do we have twice weekly club flying sessions and virtually unrestricted access to the field but our flying site has great views and our team of club flying instructors are ready to help you get your wings.


The club instructors are all experienced pilots who have kindly agreed to donate their time in order to introduce new and potential members to the joys of flying a model aircraft in a safe and controlled environment.


We invite anyone who is interested in taking up model flying to contact HDMAC and arrange to meet up for a couple of trial flights before committing to membership or buying a model aircraft. Each of our club instructors has a duel control model which means you don’t need your own model in order to experience the thrill of what it's like to fly a model aircraft.


In fact, we strongly advise that you DON'T buy a model until you have had a few introductory flights. Some aircraft are significantly more difficult to fly than others, even if, at first glance they may appear similar.  A three second flight followed by three hours rebuilding the model is rather disheartening and best avoided whenever possible!


Should you decide to join the club we will continue to offer you flying time on an instructor’s model aircraft whilst you decide which model to buy. Attending some of our twice weekly club flying sessions is a great way to see what’s available, get some ideas and to meet our members. You may even pick up a suitable second hand bargain in the process!


Before flying your own model you will need a Civil Aviation Authority Operator Identification number and to be a member of the British Model Flying Association, our national body, total cost around £50 and we will be happy to help you apply. The BMFA offers a host of support to members but most importantly, third party insurance, just in case you crash into something expensive! Accidents are very rare but HDMAC tries hard to be a good neighbour so our club rules require everyone to have BMFA insurance before flying solo.  The CAA Operator I.D. is a legal requirement linked to the Drone & Model Aircraft Registration & Education Scheme which became law in November 2019 and applies to the owner of any radio controlled model weighing more than 250 grams. 


Our instructors and fellow members will be happy to advise you as to what type of aircraft, transmitter and associated equipment best suits your ambitions, ability and budget. There are a wide range of suitable models available ranging from almost ready to fly (out of the box) to self build kits. Furthermore, for safety and peace of mind, once you buy your own model, an instructor will be happy to help you set it up and use duel control, via a buddie lead, to your transmitter until such time as you are ready to attempt your first solo flight. Duel control allows the instructor to take control of your model if necessary but is dependent upon the type of transmitter you purchase, that said, between us we have most of the popular brands covered.


HDMAC is affiliated to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) and as a result all of the training we offer meets current international standards and is based on the BMFA's fixed wing "A Flying Start" scheme. This ensures beginners learn to fly using a structured and well proven methodology in an enjoyable and safe environment. Furthermore, if you do decide to take any flight tests, then the competency certificates you receive will be recognised by flying clubs throughout Europe.


The club is very fortunate to have amongst its members one of the BMFA's Midland Area, Chief Examiner's who has kindly agreed to oversee our training programme.


Our aim is to ensure that you receive the best possible introduction to this varied and exciting hobby and we hope to see you soon.


Finally..... a wise man once said:-


"Many crashes are blamed on the model or the radio gear,

when in fact, the pilot simply ran out of talent."


Training with HDMAC helps increase your talent!

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